Hair Price List


New Talent £41
Stylist £46
Advanced Stylist £49
New Talent £45
Stylist £50
Advanced Stylist £54
Fringe Trim £8
First Visit
New Talent £44
Stylist £50
Advanced Stylist £54


Wash & Finish
New Talent £24
Stylist £29
Advanced Stylist £32
Hair Up
Stylist £30
Advanced Stylist £40


New Talent £25
Stylist £27
Advanced Stylist £31
New Talent £29
Stylist £32
Advanced Stylist £36
First Visit
New Talent £29
Stylist £32
Advanced Stylist £36


+ Evo Great Hydrator £5
+ Evo Mane Prescription £10
+Evo Temptress Shine £10


Stand-alone treatment £85


Global Colouring
New Talent £32p/h
Colourist £37p/h
Full Head Bleach Regrowth
New Talent £31p/h
Colourist £41p/h
Colour Change
New Talent £41p/h
Colourist £56p/h
Bespoke Colouring
New Talent £36p/h
Colourist £51p/h
Colour Correction
Colourist £60


All of our stylists and colourists are highly talented. Our pricing structure reflects their level of experience and expertise, and hence your result will differ dependent on your chosen price point.

Olaplex is included as standard in all of our lightening services, and is available as an upgrade for £20 on tinting services.

New colour clients are required to have an allergy test 48 hours prior to appointment.

We require 48 hrs notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Late cancellation fees are charged at 50% of the value of the missed appointment.

A £50 deposit will be required for appointments of 3 hours or more. This deposit is not refundable or transferable.

In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with your service, we ask that you to let us know within 48hrs of leaving the salon. You will be invited to make an appointment for a follow-up consultation, so that we can fully meet your expectations. We do not offer monetary refunds for any service undertaken in the salon. We regret that we are unable to carry out further services if colour is applied (either by the client or alternative salon), in the period between first appointment and follow-up consultation. We cannot take responsibility if you have simply changed your mind, or are unhappy with your choice of service. However we welcome all feedback, it keeps our standards high and allows us to deliver additional training, if needed.