• As co-founder of Betties + Baldwins, Esme has helped to develop the salon’s reputation for providing a bespoke service for each client. “I really want to work with my clients to create a hairstyle that suits them in every way. A style that represents their individual style, but also fits in with their life. To release the hidden potential in their hair! I want them to go home and be able recreate that salon look with my advice.”

    Esme has always been drawn to vintage inspired styles. Before discovering a love for cutting, she began her career creating sculptured styles from the 40’s and 50’s, she also worked extensively with clippers and on short cuts. Her current passion is for natural flowing shapes, inspired by the 60’s and 70’s, cut with both the straight razor and scissors. “I always look to the past for inspiration. I love texture, I want to celebrate all those little flicks and kinks. To work with the hairs natural movement, whether that’s a short sharp precision cut, or a soft flowing shag”

    All hair by Esme
  • As co-founder of Betties +Baldwins, Darren has been instrumental in instilling our view that client satisfaction is key. He has an extremely loyal client base. With relationships built over many years. Clients love his honesty, and his skill in creating styles which are both beautiful and fit perfectly with their lifestyle.

    Darren takes his inspiration from urban street culture and punk aesthetic. With a passion for geometric shapes and precision cuts, on all types of hair. You can’t help but appreciate his attention to detail. “I love working with my clients to create interesting, bold shapes and colours. I always feel most passionate about my work when I feel like I’m creating something that will get my clients noticed.”

    Darren is always happy to share his extensive knowledge with his clients. An appointment with him is also a lesson on how to bring out the best in your hair. “I’m very passionate about healthy hair. Making sure my clients have healthy hair and know how to maintain it at home is a top priority when approaching my work.”

    All hair by Darren
  • One of our longest serving ‘Betties’, Emmas experience, skill and disarming nature has led to a client list full of loyal, happy people. “I love working with clients that want to try something new, who aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd”

    Healthy hair is paramount at Betties + Baldwins and Emma embodies this with the care she gives to each client. Emma is as comfortable cutting a modern sculptured mullet, or natural curls, as she is with classic short clipper work or carving shapes with a razor. She is inspired by her love of festivals and live music. Think clean, sharp lines combined with a lust for life and inherent creativity. “I want to have fun with my clients, make them feel good”.

    All hair by Emma
  • It’s easy to see how Jody’s background in fine art has influenced her hairdressing. She utilises a multitude of mediums to explore all possibilities, unfettered by conventions of gender or style. ‘I enjoy combining cutting and colouring techniques, from both traditional barbering and hairdressing to create unique custom looks.’

    Jody takes inspiration from contrasting textures and colours. Soft shapes with bold colour and vice versa. Always ready to experiment, and learn. Jody is not ready to limit herself to one niche area of hairdressing or curb her thirst for knowledge. ‘I’m drawn towards more organic styling, I always try to encourage my clients to work with their natural texture. I especially love curly hair, it’s like a living sculpture.’

    All hair by Jody
    • Robyn

    • She/Her
    • Adnvanced Stylist/Colourist
    Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Robyn is our most recent addition to the team at Betties and Baldwins.
    With 20 years of experience under her hairdressing belt, she gravitates toward natural, seamless colouring with longevity in its grow out.
    Obsessed with fluidity in both her colouring and cutting styles, she brings her artistic eye to all she creates, encouraging her clients to embrace their natural texture and movement, creating looks that work easily in everyday life.
    “Why fight against your natural direction? Rather, flow with it” she insists. “Your hair needs to work for you, not you for your hair.”
    With an affinity for curls and pixie cuts, Robyn aims to unlock your hair’s true potential by loosening it up, breaking through self-imposed barriers and showing you what has been there all along
    All hair by Robyn